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Origin Bonus Suite

Do you want a more successful and profitable business with less work and overwhelm? 

Yes, this is a real thing and is possible for you, too! 


Looking for the bonuses? 


You're in the right place if...

Italian Trulli  You're an ambitious, big-hearted woman with goals, dreams, and visions. You want a more profitable business but are afraid it'll require more time, work and overwhelm. 

Italian Trulli  You feel burnt out and exhausted with no time leftover at the end of the day for yourself, fantasizing about "someday" when you'll finally have time to do all the things you want to do. 

Italian Trulli  You have a never ending to-do list filled with meetings, emails, appointments and other things that keep you from doing the things that really move the needle in your business. 

Italian Trulli  You want it all! You don't want to sacrifice your family time or personal self-care for your business success, or vice versa. You have a sense there's a better way to create ease and sustainability in both business and womanhood--you just need a system that teaches you how.

Doing less in my business = more profits, ease + fulfillment

When I first discovered Kate Northrup's Origin and the 'Do Less' methodology last year, I was in the midst of juggling my full-time blogging business, creating my first digital course, and taking care of my newborn son. I was pulled in so many directions and fighting hard to keep up with even the simplest tasks and decisions.

Everything changed once I committed to learning Kate's methodology, implementing her step-by-step advice, and actually embodying the practices taught in Origin.

I now know without doubt how to manage my time and energy, like when I'm the most productive and efficient, when I should make time to plan, when I'll make the most impact by being visible, and when I should rest and reflect. 

I understand my body in a whole new way I didn't even know was possible, which helped me discover and hone my intuition, creating a new level of clarity in my business.

I'm no longer fighting against myself, my work, or my environment. Instead, I'm able to trust the process, myself, and the universe more than ever before. I've learned how to let things come easily while letting go of all the 'shoulds'.

In the past, I wasted so much time and energy trying to control every detail of my life and the world around me. Now, I feel so free!

I'm on track to make half a million dollars this year in my online business--all while in the middle of a global pandemic, with a 3-month maternity leave over the summer, no childcare for my 2 kids, and a small email list. If I can do it, so can YOU. You just need the right framework and an inspiring community of other like-minded women embodying and teaching the 'do less' practices!


Let's talk bonuses...

Because I believe in Kate Northrup and have personally experienced the incredible impact of Origin, I've crafted a custom bonus package with over $968 of goodies that will save you time, help you do less and work from a place of ease.  

Enroll in Origin through the link on this page and you'll get access to my entire bonus suite as my gift to you.  


The Full Bonus Suite


Live Workshop With Kate + Kate: Do Less Content Strategy ($497 value)

Kate Northrup will join us on an intimate LIVE call where we'll share how to create impactful weekly content that will grow your business and email list the Do Less way (i.e. without adding extra tasks to your to do list). We'll talk about promo planning, Do Less edit calendars and goal setting to get 2021 started off on the right foot!


The Savvy Entrepreneur's Self-Care Checklist + Mindful Planning Printables ($47 value)

We're all about doing less to achieve more, and fundamentally believe in working from a place of rest, not hustle. This self-care plan includes our mindful planning printables, and a cyclical living checklist to maximize your efforts while staying sane and nourished! 


The Ultimate Blogging + Online Business Owner Toolkit: Templates, Swipe Copy + Checklists ($397 value)

  • Canva Templates for Course Creators and Bloggers: Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Blog Graphics you can plug-and-play!
  • 99-Step Roadmap to a Profitable Blog: A step-by-step. checklist outlining EXACTLY what you need to do, minute-by-minute, to create a six-figure blog.
  • Blog Post Workflow Creation Checklist: Use this checklist every time you publish a new post to help you optimize your workflow, make sure you've got your SEO covered, and what to do after you publish.
  • Email Swipe Copy: Pitching Templates for How to Get Expert's Opinion or Interviews, Guest Blogging, Peer Collaboration, Podcast Interviews, and Media Features 
  • Brand Work Templates: Want to get paid to work with brands? Use our Media Kit Templates to attract sponsors, follow it up with our Sponsored Content Contract to close the deal, and a Campaign Report Template to get repeat work!
  • 25 Ways to Use a VA to Monetize: Outsourcing and delegating is absolutely KEY to your blog's growth, income, and sustainability--not to mention your sanity!  Let's end the glorification and perpetuation of being so hyper-independent and unhelpable, and start creating an interdependent, healthy business and life.


Money Mindset Training with my Personal Coach Kelly Marshall

Learn how to break through your money blocks and align yourself with financial abundance with this training from my own bookkeeper and financial coach, Kelly Marshall from Nurtured Abundance! She'll teach you both the energetic principles and the tangible strategy you need to step into owning your worth as an entrepreneur and creating sustainable wealth, prosperity and purpose.

Total Value: $968


But, wait there's more! 

Excuse the cheesy infomercial language, but because I have been a member of Origin myself and know the profound impact it has had on my life, I'm offering an extra special bonus to any members who pay in full for a year. 

2 Live Group Coaching calls with Me! 

When you sign up as an annual member for Origin, you'll receive two months FREE from Kate Northrup, plus two additional special group coaching calls with me during the year! These will be intimate, small group calls with plenty of time for Q&A, where you'll receive personal attention and get advice on how to take your business to the next level with ease. 


What exactly is Origin? 

Origin is a global membership of female identifying entrepreneurs (or people who want to align their businesses more with feminine energy) learning how to grow their businesses with less work. You'll learn how to create your Self-Sourced Schedule so that you make progress toward your goals with less stress and so that the people you love (including yourself) aren’t sacrificed in the process.

'Doing less' is not about being lazy or doing nothing; it's about doing less of the things that DON'T matter so that we have more bandwidth to focus on what DOES matter, both in life and business.

What's Included Monthly? 

  • a how to lesson giving you the 20% to get you 80% of the results on topics such as email list growth, setting boundaries, getting media and publicity, tracking and tweaking their analytics, and more
  • a Maven Masterclass that goes deep with an expert on the monthly how to topic
  • a Live Group Coaching Session where Kate + team works with members to overcome your blocks around the topic of the month
  • a Cosmic Weather Report to help you lean into the support of the moon and the stars for your business efforts
  • plus bonuses galore like how to overcome your money blocks, how to pitch yourself, meditation and magnetization practices, and more

Listen. There’s NO other online membership out there like Origin.

Think of all the time, energy, and freedom you'll gain when you learn how to focus on the 20% of the actions that gets you 80% of the results!

If it weren’t for Origin and Kate Northrup's wisdom, I would be in a VERY different place today, probably hustling daily, burned out, and trying to do all.the.things. in my life and business. That's never sustainable and does NOT work. Period!

So when you’re ready, I’ll see you on the other side of this link, ready to take everything you’ve dreamed about accomplishing in your business and actually start LIVING it with Kate's proven system!

Disclaimer: Yes, I am an affiliate of Origin. I genuinely believe in the results you can achieve based on my personal experience. When you purchase via my affiliate link, you get at least $968 worth of bonuses and I get a commission from Kate. Pretty win-win! :)